We have provided a couple of Web Marketing Instruments in your Website Control Panel that will help successfully advertise your sites on the Internet. The sitemap generator will help you get a detailed sitemap of your website. Moreover, you’ll be able to publish that sitemap to major search engines to crawl your web site. The RSS News syndication software will help you make regularly refreshed content material on your home page so you’ll get better possibilities to rise higher in search results. Also, we have integrated a GeoIP re–direction tool that will permit you to approach your customers much more precisely according to their particular location.

A Sitemap Generator

For super–quick search engine crawling

A sitemap represents set of all pages within a web site that can be utilized by robots and customers. You may use a sitemap to inform search engines which web pages of the website you wish to be indexed. Furthermore, a sitemap may help your users find their way on your website. You’d normally employ a third party sitemap software package to acquire a sitemap for your website. Nonetheless, here, you’ll get a sitemap generator by default installed in your GalantHost Website Control Panel.

In the Advanced Instruments area, just click on Sitemap Generator and right after choosing the file format of your sitemap, click on the Crawl key. The sitemap of your site will be available within a few minutes and you’ll be ready to submit it to the search engines.

Sitemap Generator

GeoIP Redirection

Physical location–driven redirections with just a click

GalantHost gives you a simple way to route your clients on the basis of their location. Through the GeoIP redirection instrument, you’re able to re–route all customers who come from a certain country to a native language variant of your site. For example, in case you have an Italian translation of your web site, you can quickly send all of the visitors coming from Italy to that particular page rather than asking to move to Italian as soon as they open the English variant. This will help you offer your visitors with a natural online experience from the beginning.

It is not necessary for any special capabilities or tech expertise to use the GeoIP re–direction application. It is done with a click.

GeoIP Redirect

RSS News

Show the most up–to–date headlines within your site

In the GalantHost Website Control Panel, we have included a tool, which allows you to embed information from the most preferred news sites on the globe within your web sites, with just a click. Our News Syndication tool operates on auto–pilot and doesn’t call for any extra configuration work on your part,

The RSS News module is easy to customize in terms of HTML and CSS. You’re able to customize the quantity of publication bits that are going to be displayed, exactly how they will look like, how they will be formatted, etc.

RSS News